HUH applies circular economy concepts in order to help social influencers to reach their target audience with desired impact, sentiment and compensation.
HUH users’ data is modelled with smart contract technologies (including NFTs). Whenever there is a sale associated with the HUH user’s own data, a reward transaction is sent to the HUH user’s account.
HUH rewards engagement of individuals in the MetHUH with HUH, the amount varying based on the sentiment the engagement expresses. The purpose of this is to offer greater reward for engagement that helps to build a healthier active social society.


Step one 'meme':

Each HUH Token represents a real-time yield delivery system that seamlessly compounds HUH Tokens in their wallets. The exact amount of the re-distribution depends on many factors and can be monitored in real-time on the HUH Dashboard. Full details of the tokenomics set out below. In addition, there is a referral reward system to enable everyone to generate HUH tokens: be they in a swarming metropolis like New York or a small African village if they have internet access, they can generate HUH tokens; and as part of the ‘rebalancing process’ HUH will be facilitating access to technology for everyone, everywhere.

Step Two 'utility':

HUH will create an entire ecosystem around the HUH token to create real usability and utility for the token itself: through the creation of a social network called the MetHUH. In the MetHUH social influencers will be empowered to interact with each other and the companies that want to work with them without a middleman. In addition, an NFT social media marketplace will be created on the MetHUH where users can bid, auction and buy NFT’s from their favourite social influencers. Social influencers will be able to create NFT’s out of their own content/media with the click of a button, setting the price themselves and then auctioning these NFT’s on the MetHUH. Users can buy and collect these NFT’s and resell them within the MetHUH.
Social influencers have their own individual followings and communities, the content they upload to their social media platforms receive likes and comments from their fans. HUH will use these statistics to form what we call “Influence Points”. This will be a number given to each social influencer on the MetHUH and will be used to determine their NFT’s value. The higher the Influence Points the more valuable their NFT will be. This enables users to easily understand a social influencer’s NFT’s value when interacting within the MetHUH.
The NFTs are “minted” using blockchain technology, which creates property rights on digital properties. When a user decides to buy a social influencer’s NFT the NFT’s are minted using their HUH Tokens. Each buy and sell of these NFT’s within the marketplace is facilitated by the use of HUH Tokens. This organically increases the volume and indirectly increases the reflection of HUH Tokens to the community.
Separately, but no less importantly, within the MetHUH Sentiment tokens can be generated based on the content and engagement by influencers and individuals. These tokens will be exchanged for HUH with greater reward for Sentiment that creates a healthier and more active social society, to make the social media universe a safer and more friendly environment for all. Rewards drive behaviour and HUH will be the catalyst for positive social change.


HUH is the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). HUH rewards the HUH token holding community by re-distributing HUH through a novel technology called reflection (see above -, 2021).
The smart contract enhances a static rewards system incentivising its network users to hold the HUH token, thus minimising the risk of major price fluctuations as a result of market swings.


The reflection system in HUH is a reward system that rewards the holders of HUH Token based on the percentage of their holdings. For example: if user A is holding 0.5% of the supply that means 0.5% of the HUH rewards will be reflected to user A.
This ensures that all HUH token holders are fairly rewarded for their trust in the MetHUH. The number of HUH tokens to be reflected is based on the aggregation of all buy and sell transactions on the HUH network. This is set out in more detail in the ‘fees system’ section set out below.