Investment means capital at risk!
The following is a non-exhaustive disclosure of principal risk factors which are considered to be material by the Company in connection with the admission of the token to trading and/or use of the HUH Token, as well as, to the extent applicable, the use of the MetHUH platform at any moment in time. Participants should consider these risk factors alongside all other information provided in the Whitepaper and are advised to consult with their professional advisers (including their financial, accounting, legal, tax, technical, or other advisers and experts) before deciding to obtain HUH Tokens.

Risk of losing access to HUH tokens due to loss of private key/s, custodial error or Participation error:

A wallet is necessary to acquire, hold and dispose of HUH tokens. The participant hereby understands that he is responsible for setting up the Wallet with a third-party provider to hold HUH Tokens, and he/she is responsible for implementing reasonable measures for securing the wallet.
Accordingly, loss of requisite private key/s associated with the Wallet holding HUH Tokens will result in loss of such HUH Tokens and any other cryptocurrencies and/or tokens. Moreover, any third party that gains access to such private key/s, including by gaining access to login credentials of the Wallet that the Participant uses, may be able to misappropriate the Participant’s HUH Token. Any errors or malfunctions caused by or otherwise related to the Wallet that the Participant chooses to receive and hold HUH Tokens, including the Participant’s own failure to properly maintain or use such Wallet or caused as a result of the choice of third party provider for the Wallet, may also result in the loss of HUH Tokens.

Risk of network attacks or mining attacks:

As with other decentralized cryptographic tokens based on the BEP-20 token standard, HUH tokens are susceptible to attacks by miners in the course of validating transaction on the BSC Blockchain, including but not limited to double-spend attacks, majority mining power attacks, and selfish-mining attacks. Any successful attacks present a risk to HUH Tokens, including, but not limited to, accurate execution and recording of transactions involving HUH Tokens.

Risk of hacking and security weakness

Hackers or other groups or organizations may attempt to interfere with HUH Tokens in several ways, including, but not limited to, denial-of-service attacks, Sybil attacks, spoofing, smurfing, malware attacks, consensus-based attacks, and any such similar events which could have an impact on HUH Tokens, the MetHUH Platform and the services the Company may offer from time to time.

Risk of a security weakness in the Smart Contract, the Website and HUH Tokens source code or any associates software and/or infrastructure:

There is a risk that the Smart Contract, the Website, the MetHUH platform and HUH tokens may unintentionally include weakness or bugs in the source code interfering with the use or cause loss of HUH tokens. Updates and alterations could lead to unexpected or unintended outcomes that have adverse effects on HUH tokens or the MetHUH platform.

Risk of no listing or low/no liquidity

Exchanges may be subject to poorly understood regulatory oversight and the Company does not give any warranties regarding any exchange service providers. Users including the participant if applicable, might be exposed to fraud and failure affecting those exchanges. There is no assurance that an active secondary market for HUH tokens will develop or continue to develop.

Risk of eventual unfavourable fluctuation of HUH’s token value.

The MetHUH platform is intended to be financially self-sufficient and the Company does not have specific interests in the market value of HUH tokens. Therefore, the Company considers that it shall not be affected by unfavourable fluctuation of HUH tokens value. On the other hand, token holders are subject to such risk of eventual unfavourable fluctuation of HUH tokens value as the price of HUH tokens may vary over time due to a number of factors affecting the value of token holders’ portfolios. Additionally, there are several potential events that could affect the risk of unfavourable fluctuation in the value of BNB or HUH tokens including security incidents or market irregularities at one of more of the significant cryptocurrency exchanges.

Risk of malfunction of the BSC network or any other Blockchain and competing platforms

HUH tokens could be interacting with malfunctions unfavourably, including but not limited to one that results in the loss of HUH tokens or prevents the use on SONAR platform.

Risk of uninsured losses

Unlike bank accounts or accounts with financial institutions, HUH tokens are uninsured unless the participant specifically obtains private insurance to insure them. in the event of loss of HUH tokens there is no public insurer (eg Investor Compensation Scheme or private insurance arranged by the Company to offer recourse to the Participant).

The risk associated with uncertain regulations and enforcement actions

The regulatory status of DLT Assets and their offering may be unclear or unsettled in many jurisdictions. It is difficult to predict how or whether regulatory authorities may apply existing regulation concerning technology and its applications, including the MetHUH Platform and the HUH Tokens.

Internet transmission risks

There are risks associated with using HUH Tokens, including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connections, or other technologies on which the MetHUH Platform or the use of HUH Tokens relies. Such failures may result in disruptions in communication, errors, distortions or delays when using HUH Tokens and the MetHUH Platform or the Website.

Risks arising from lack of governance rights

Since HUH Tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation relating to the Company, all decisions involving the Company will be made by the Company at its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, decisions to transfer more HUH Tokens for use, and to sell or liquidate the Company. These decisions could adversely affect the utility of the HUH Tokens the Participant holds.

Other inherent risks

The Participant understands and accepts the inherent risks associated with HUH Tokens, to the extent not covered elsewhere in the terms, including, but not limited to, risks associated with (a) money laundering; (b) fraud; (c) exploitation for illegal purposes; and (d) any other unanticipated risks.
If any of the risks mentioned in the terms are unacceptable the Participant is not in a position to understand them, the Participant should not acquire, hold, or use HUH Tokens.
The forward-looking statements in the Whitepaper include, among others, statements about:
  • Issuer’s ability to develop the MetHUH Platform and other technological components as described in this Whitepaper;
  • Issuer’s ability to generate, offer or maintain the value of HUH Tokens